About Us

Attorneys Signature Title PLLC is a full-service law firm that offers a broad spectrum of support for residential real estate and commercial real estate transactions. Our firm regularly works with real estate brokers, realtors, mortgage brokers, banks, correspondent lenders, attorneys, builders, developers, investors, speculators, flippers, buyers and sellers. We provide service throughout the entire State of Florida.


Our Attorneys

Eric S. Orner, Esq.
Eric S. Orner, Esq.


Tomer L. Alcalay, Esq.
Tomer L. Alcalay, Esq.



Services We Offer

Title Services

  • Residential and Commercial Transactions
  • Refinances
  • Owner’s Title Insurance Policies
  • Lender’s Title Insurance Policies
  • Title Searches
  • Leasehold Title Insurance Policies
  • Closing and Escrow Services
  • Recording Services
  • After Hours and Weekend Closings

Additional Searches & Services

  • Lien Searches
  • Judgment Searches
  • Section 1031 Exchanges
  • Property Tax Searches
  • Association Estoppel Requests
  • Real Estate Tax Searches
  • Tenant and Lease Estoppels
  • Mortgage Searches
  • Foreclosure Searches
  • Mechanic’s Lien Searches
  • UCC Searches
  • New Construction Loan Closings
  • FIRPTA Transactions
  • Code and Permit Searches

Foreclosure Services

  • Mortgage Foreclosure Searches
  • Tax Lien Foreclosure Searches
  • Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Searches

Due Diligence Services

  • Procurement of Municipality Letters
  • Zoning and Compliance
  • National Recording and Filing Services
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Lien and Litigation Searches

You Need Our Title Service

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